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Construction Camera

Our construction webcam, based on DRSL Photo Camera System, can supply you with high quality images (which you need) to see everything. The images are like every normal Webcam but considerably superior. Even mobile phones are producing better images than IP webcams. You would not use a webcam to take pictures that are used to print, in print media, would you ?

The construction webcam with Canon EOS photo technology great quality by day but specially by night due to very large image sensors.

A photo camera as construction webcam is the one and only solution to fulfil Swiss and EU legislation concerning data protection. Due to the fact that the camera isn’t livestream or TV capable it’s guaranteed that no movement profiles from construction workers can be done – which is absolutely possible with security cameras. It’s not about face recognition ! A simple view of the construction builders is enough to identify the workers because of size, shape, weight or place of where they work (e.g. crane). Links Switzerland Link / Germany

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The DSLR Webcam produces images of excellent quality. 18 MP 5184 x 3456 PX. The reflex (SLR) camera is every normal Webcam considerably superior.This IP Webcam was not built for ordinary photography but specifically for security. The Canon EOS DSRL Webcam is with its depth of sharpness, outstanding brightness, dynamic scope, colour clerity and focus way ahead of any other. Therefore, photos maintain their captivation and percision. Logos, text and pixelated areas can also be integrated into the images.

Optional, professional weather sensors can also be connected and through server system shown in the photo.

Plug and Play !

No technology degree required. No individual server. Everything is maintained by us.

The Webcam system relies on an approved method of photo component and is through our software/hardware on the needs of a normal IP outdoor Webcam adjusted, fitted and improved. Plug and Play.

Heating, Air Cooling, VPN, SSL, Watch Dog, Mobile Cellular 3/4 G, POE / RJ45, Pan Tilt or WIFI

All Info ander :

The Canon EOS Photo Webcam is available from CHF 2480 excl. TAX and supply.

Reseller: Germany and Austria

Construction Camera DSLR Pictures


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High End Constuction Camera

DSRL Webcam kaufen Canon EOS

DSRL Webcam kaufen Canon EOS

Objektive: 10 - 18 mm WW 104 degree, 18 -55 mm 74 degree, 75 - 300mm Zoom bis 3000m uvm.